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Worlds Away


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200 years ago the Earth was conquered, but nobody knew.

Commander Venay of the V’Zenian Empire was a man on a mission. It was his responsibility to ensure a good lot of human slaves made it back to his planet each year. But this time it was different.

Paris was used to being invisible, so when she was abducted by an alien, she knew no one was coming to save her.

While fighting the alien Commander on his ship headed to some place in another galaxy, Paris discovers space isn’t as empty as Earthlings thought.

When their ship is attacked by the Zateelians, Paris decides to join forces with her captors in order to survive the monsters trying to take her and the other humans for themselves.

Is the enemy you know any better than the one you don’t?

If it were a movie, it would be PG-13.

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Sci-fi Adventure – Worlds Collide (coming Soon)

The second book in my new Sci-fi Adventure series will be available soon!

Worlds Collide

The enemy of my enemy …

All Natalie wants is to save the other humans from the aliens who abducted them. Then, she discovers something even worse than the V’Zenians. When their ship crash lands on an alien outpost controlled by her keepers, after the battle in space with the Zateelians, she begins to think the only way to survive is to work with those who abducted her.

Zelan is a V’Zenian warrior who’s never agreed with the policy of abducting humans. When he finds himself face to face with his worst enemy, he realizes how much he respects and admires the spirit and tenacity of the humans aboard his ship. He fights tooth and nail to protect them and destroy the enemy hellbent on infesting them all.

The Zateelians crashed on the outpost as well and are after the humans for something very different than slavery. All the humans and V’Zenians on the planet will make for a smorgasbord of action for them.

If you enjoy Sci-Fi action adventure along the lines of Star Trek, then you will love Worlds Collide!

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Worlds Explode – Book 2.5

Book 2.5 in the Worlds Away series! Worlds Explode launched Internationally for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and any Kindle Reading App, on March 7, 2017!

Can true love happen more than once in a lifetime?

Maddie, one of the 200 humans abducted by the V’Zenians 2 months ago, is content to live out the rest of her life on Zeleron 10 as a seamstress. She has no desire to allow anyone else in her heart, not even close friends.

When Maddie is thrust into the arms of Marcon at the celebration dance, he knows he has met his mate. She, however, is very reluctant. That is until he protects her from a xenophobic human.

Maddie and Marcon set out on a tranquil picnic, and stumble upon human remains. Is there another Zateelian army just waiting for more humans? Or are these remains from when they first crash landed on the planet? Will Maddie and Marcon survive this day?

If you enjoyed Worlds Away and Worlds Collide, then you will love this new 15K word novella that takes place between books 2 and 3. Come along on this new PG-13 adventure with J.L. Hendricks and her warrior aliens!

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Worlds Entwined, Book 3


Worlds Entwined

Slave or volunteer? What will the V’Zenian’s choose?

Paris and Venay are charged with grabbing 2,000 factory workers from Earth, along with more women to be used as mates. Will Paris be able to change the minds of Central Command in time? Or will she be forced along with Venay to continue abducting humans instead of recruiting volunteers?

When Paris comes up with an exciting plan which will also include an Interstellar Dating Agency, will Venay talk his leaders into listening to his human mate? Or will he shut up and follow orders?

Get to know Eereen, Venay’s Second in Command, better as he tries to convince, Sarah, she should mate with him. Sarah, limits the time they spend together. If they don’t mate before he heads off to Earth, Sarah will have to stay behind on Zeleron 10! Will she change her mind? Or will Eereen lose his mate?

Come and join the exciting trip back to Earth for the labor force needed to assist with the war effort against the Zateelians! If you have enjoyed the first two books in this series, then you will absolutely fall in love with Worlds Entwined! This is a pg-13 adventurous version of the extremely popular sci-fi alien abduction romance genre! Full of happily ever afters and alien battles.

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Worlds Revealed – The Truth About Roswell

If you have enjoyed Worlds Away or Worlds Collide, then you will love this new Novella in the Worlds Universe!! Worlds Revealed is the true story of what happened in Roswell, New Mexico back in the early 1940’s, as told by Venay’s grandfather! So come on over and grab your FREE copy today! It’s only available by joining my Newsletter.

Everything you thought you knew about Roswell was wrong!

The V’Zenians conquered Earth almost two centuries ago, but no one knows it. They think we are just their supply closet. When they have need of mates or slaves, they come to Earth and abduct us! However, they also protect our planet from the ravages of other alien species. Worlds Revealed tells the true story of Roswell and how one alien race saved us from annihilation, and we never even knew it.

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