The Eclipse Series is in the middle of a full make-over, new covers, professional editing (for the first time), and will all be up shortly. The books below all include Eclipse stories that are now available. Please check back soon for the rest of the series! Also, if you sign up for my Newsletter, you get the prequel story for free! Eclipse of the Beginning follows Lancer and Ash as they learn who B’Lana is, while protecting her from anything that goes bump in the night.

Book 1, Eclipse of the Warrior is available now!

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Eclipse of the Warrior was released on April 6, 2016. Below is the description from the book jacket:

Vampires? Fae warriors? Who knew they were real. Somebody must have and they should have let the rest of us know.

While coming out of a movie, I followed a group of super-hot guys and ended up regretting it. I was pulled into the fight and I don’t know how I did it, but I killed a vampire! Now I’m running for my life.

I’m not supposed to know about their world, being a lowly human and all, but I also shouldn’t have been able to kill a vampire; a ripper is what they call themselves.

Now I have a choice. Well not really. A choice means options and mine are bad or worse. I can die or I can become a hybrid fae. Like I said, not much of a choice, one that sucks actually.

If I choose to become a fae, I have to help them fight the rippers who are kidnapping humans to take back to their planet. Oh, did I mention that they’re all from another dimension? They change humans into hybrid rippers and use them on the front lines of the battle between their two races.

The fae describes them as suicide bombers. Yep. Those are my choices…