99c Anthologies/Boxed Sets/Collections!

99c Anthologies/Boxed Sets/Collections! Boxed set and Anthology sales! March 10-11. This week we have an exciting promotion for you! It’s 99c Anthologies/Boxed Sets/Collections! That’s right! For the price of one book, you will get multiple stories/books all in one! So have fun browsing the racks! 🙂 Paranormal/Urban Fantasy:   Young Adult:   Steampunk/Dystopian: Scifi: Magical Realism: […]

Anthologies and Boxed Sets on #Instafreebie!

Anthologies and Boxed Sets on #Instafreebie!   This week have something extra special! It’s Anthologies and boxed sets on #Instafreebie! If you have seen my posts before, you know I like to switch it up and try something new once in a while. This time I have collected some fantastic Anthologies and Boxed Sets in […]