#Instafreebie Potpourri Bliss!

Potpourri on #Instafreebie Time!


Do to popular demand, I got a ton of authors together for another Potpourri on #Instafreebie event! We have almost 90 FREE books!!! So come on in and peruse the “stacks”! I bet you find something you like since it’s all genre’s week! (Except erotica) There will be Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance of many genres! And so much more! Even a nice selection of boxed sets and anthologies!

Because there are so many books, I will try to put them into the closest genre match, based on what the authors told me about their books.


YA – Fantasy/Urban Fantasy:

Potpourri on Instafreebie event
potpourri on instafreebie event
potpourri on instafreebie event
potpourri on instafreebie event

Fantasy/Urban Fantasy:


Scifi Romance:

99c romance sale
Romance on Instafreebie




Women’s Fiction:

Young Adult:

Boxed sets/Anthologies:


So, what do you think? Did you find a ton of new books? Some new authors? I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to come back in two weeks for the next Instafreebie promo!

Also, I will have another .99c promo Feb 23-25 and it will be all genres, except for erotica. Be sure to check it out! You just might find your favorite author or your next bookboyfriend/best friend there! 🙂

Almost 100 .99c books, anthologies, and boxed sets! Oh My!


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  1. Ty. Totally ,absolutely, enjoy getting freebies. Can’t wait to start reading the Phoenix collection. Whenever I can get the chance to actually start reading. So many emails from all u fabulous new authors.

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