Romance on #Instafreebie


How does a Romance on Instafreebie sound? Looking for your next book boyfriend? Look no further! There are soooo many, about 70! So yeah, a boatload! You will be sure to find just the right mood or story to put a smile on your face this Valentine’s Day!

Since we have sooooo many wonderful romance on Instafreebie books for your reading pleasure, I’ll separate them out by sub-genre.

Be sure to go all the way to the bottom as there will be a huge .99c flash sale on Feb 6-7! I’m giving you early access and some of the books will be .99c early, some free on Kindle Unlimited, and some full price as we wait for the 6th to arrive! But no fret! There are plenty of Romance books in Instafreebie to tide you over until the sale!

Special mention: Demelza Carlton created our banner this week so she gets the top spot! Thank you, Demelza!!!


Scifi Romance:


Romance on Instafreebie
romance on instafreebie
Romance on Instafreebie
Romance on Instafreebie
Romance on Instafreebie

Romantic Comedy:

Contemporary Romance:

romance on instafreebie

Young Adult:



Romantic Suspense:


What do you think? Was that not a fantastic list of FREE Romance on Instafreebie books?

How about some more books? This next list is a .99c sale that won’t take place until Feb 6-7. I’m giving you early access now! Some books won’t be .99c yet, some will, and others are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Be sure to check the price before clicking and then come back on Feb 6th for the sale prices on the rest of the books!




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  1. This is wonderful. Thank you so much. This is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who love to read, but not have a lot of extra money to spend on books.

  2. Lost many of these when my computer blew up. Thanks for this, I have managed to replace most of the ones I lost.

    1. sorry about that. I don’t understand how that happened. Exiled Dragons is what originally there. I have reached out to the author to find out about this. And i changed the cover to match the story.

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