Special .99c sale! One day only!

One Day Only .99c Sale!

Do you remember last month when I ran a special promo for Worlds Away? It was free, along with 6 other books? Well, I hope you picked up all of those books for free! This month, those same authors and I got together and decided to do a One Day Only .99c sale! Some put the next book in their series down to .99c/99p, like me. Worlds Collide is only .99c during this promotion! I won’t do this again for a very long time, if ever, so be sure to grab the book while you can! Also, two of the authors in the group decided to  put up boxed sets for only .99c! Can you believe it??? Are they nuts? Well, to be fair, most authors are a little bit crazy! But, shhh don’t tell them I said so! As an added bonus, I have included an extra book at the end of the post from a different author! So go ahead and use those amazon gift cards you got for Christmas/New Year’s and pick up a few new books!

These authors have set up the books for .99c or .99c for Jan 12th only. Some might be .99c longer, but it is a one day only .99c sale! so be sure to get your copy before the price goes up! Be sure to double check the price before buying. Sometimes glitches or life get in the way of price changes.

Scifi/Dystopian/Urban Fantasy:

YA and Clean


Boxed Sets:


And let’s not forget the special “bonus” book for this sale!

Prices may change due to unforeseen issues. This blog is not responsible for any changes in price. Be sure to look at the price before buying.


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