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Sci-fi Adventure/Romance


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A new Sci-fi Romance Worlds Away is now available for sale!!! Clink on the link above and you will see the book on Amazon! Worlds Away released on Sept 22, 2016.

What would you do if an Alien Commander abducted you from the only home you knew and forced you to choose between being a slave on an alien world or becoming his mate?

Find out what Paris does in this book. In the rest of the series, we will see how she helps the humans to live a better life on the alien world and stop the forced abductions!

Come and join J.L. Hendricks on her next voyage! Worlds Away is the first in a Sci-Fi Romantic trilogy where aliens abduct women for more than just slavery, they abduct them to continue their own race!

This is a mostly clean romance with an HEA in each book.

If it were a movie, it would be PG-13.

Sci-fi Romance/Adventure – Worlds Collide

The second book in my new Sci-fi Romance/Adventure series is available now! Worlds Collide Launched exclusively on your Kindles, or your Kindle reading app, Internationally on October 20, 2016.

Sci-fi Adventure/Romance

Can Natalie get past her abusive ex-fiance and find true love?

Natalie is on a journey to realize that maybe being abducted wasn’t so bad after all. Before she can learn that, she will realize what her old fiancé was really like, and how her new life might be just what she wanted all along.

Zelan wanted to settle down, but as a pure-blood, he realized his chances of love with a human, or anyone, were very low. He is very patient with Natalie, and shows her the love and attention every woman deserves. Will he win her heart?

The Zateelians are on the planet and searching for humans! Early on in this book you will find out why. But don’t fret! Our super strong and hunky aliens have it all under control, or do they?

If you like a clean version of Ruby Lionsdrake adventure/romance books, then you will love Worlds Away and Worlds Collide, part of the Alpha Alien abduction Tales. Be sure to grab your copies of all books today!


Worlds Revealed – The Truth About Roswell

Sci-fi Adventure/Romance

If you have enjoyed Worlds Away or Worlds Collide, then you will love this anthology of short stories and novelettes that are all Science Fiction! There are 18 different stories in this fantastic set of books! My book, Worlds Revealed, can only be found in this collection. Worlds Revealed is the true story of what happened in Roswell, New Mexico back in the early 1940’s, as told by Venay’s grandfather! So come on over and grab your copy today! And you also get to enjoy another 17 exciting sci-fi books by various authors from my group, 20BooksTo50K!

Lives submerged in cosmic war… civilizations standing on the brink of destruction…
Technologies that far surpass our own and ethereal beings of untold power…
Immerse yourself in The Expanding Universe.

Worlds collide as eighteen talented authors contribute their best short fiction to expand and explore the Science Fiction genre. Travel dystopian worlds and discover the possibilities that lie within the unknown. Experience the touch of metaphysical occurrences and enjoy the rush that comes from love deep enough to rattle the stars.

With contributions ranging from best-selling authors to debut works, you will fall in love with this exciting new anthology – The Expanding Universe!

Featuring a Foreword by Michael Anderle

The Expanding Universe – featuring Worlds Revealed


The Tide: The Multiverse Wave

What happens when 21 authors all challenge each other to write a Scifi book together? You get a 21 chapter book where one author took one chapter to write! It is amazing how creative and fantastic everyone did with this book! The story flowed so naturally, almost as if one person wrote the entire thing! If we didn’t point it out, you would not have known! Authors such as Michael Anderle, Sabrina Sable, Justin Sloan, Hayley Lawson, Craig Martelle, and a bunch more all took part! We had fantasy, romance, scifi, and thriller writers all participate!

Sometimes regret can burn brighter than the stars…

After watching as her world crumbled beneath her, Kearyn could only guess at what might come next. And she’s not alone. With an undetectable virus, one that spread across the planet’s surface, now making its way aboard the spacecraft meant to carry her into the unknown depths of space, Kearyn finds that the key to the knowledge of her uncertain future lies in the hands of an old acquaintance.

Grab your copy on Amazon now! The Tide: The Multiverse Wave